Message wall buttons

When taking to staff during happy hour i found out that some of them have been using the like button on the message wall to indicate that they have read the message and other staff have been using it to highlight messages that are important to them. Since they seem to be doing it maybe there is a need for a more refined version of this. Maybe it could change the message to green for read and red for important. Not a high priority request, but just an idea.

This is an interesting idea, but sadly not one we will have time to pursue just now as we have our hands full with the object orientation work on v14. Is this something you would consider coding yourself? Thanks all the same for taking the time to make the suggestion!

That’s fine, it was more of a future idea based on what I noticed staff doing. As such it’s not an urgent request and I’m not worried if it never makes it into a gibbon. It’s just an idea that might be a nice feature for those who like to tick things off. which brings me to another idea a list of daily tasks you can tick off maybe set by the school, maybe with time limits?

As for coding myself im not good with php, i pretty much only do very basic html and batch. i would love to help code but alas i lack the skill.

Sounds like a challenge to yourself!