Merge Application form fields

Hello Gibbon team.
I am looking for assistance with PHP code, i want to merge 2 fields

I want hide preferred name, as it is not used where we are at, but the system falls in to some issues, and replacing it with (N/A) is not practical some times.
How can i make it import the same text that was inputted in (firstName).

I will need to do the same thing for the parent preferred name to replace:

$form->addHiddenValue("parent{$i}preferredName", 'N/A' );

Hi Aziz, you can hide the value on the front end, as you’re doing, but to get it to replace the preferredName with the firstName, you’ll need to edit the applicationFormProcess.php page to set the $preferredName value to be the same as the $_POST[‘firstName’] field.

Preferred names are very handy in schools, even if you don’t use them for every student, they can allow you flexibility with your student names in the system. First Name is used as the full legal first name, often including middle names, whereas preferred name is what the teacher calls the student. Particularly helpful if the student has a long and complicated name.

Thank you Sandra, you made that too easy, i have been trying to figure it out editing the applicationForm.php file for the past 5 days ?
Managed to do it in couple minutes after your reply.