Medical Alert and Privacy Alert

Good Morning,

Is there any way to turn off the students Medical Alert and Privacy Alert to attendance page? ( screen shot attached) I think i saw in another page there is little box to give the teacher option to hide them but i couldn’t remember where was it, this option does not available in attendance page. Teacher sometimes put on screen when they doing attendance and the whole students could see it.

and also if it is possible,can you please sett to hide those alert as a default?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ayu, this was added in by mistake in v13. It has now been fixed in the v14 dev branch with the following commit:

What you will see is that the alert bars no longer show in attendance for form groups and classes. We decided not to have an option to show them, as such data is not really related to the task at hand when taking attendance.

Thanks to @skuipers for fixing this one : )