Meaning and Differences between Attainment and Effort

What’s the difference between “Attainment” and “Effort” in markbook and what do they mean? What’s their function in Gibbon?

Frank, Attainment refers to academic achievement (e.g. a numeric result for an assessment piece reflecting how well the student has mastered the content). Effort refers to non-academic achievement (e.g. how well a student has worked in terms of learning behaviours). You can actually enable and disable these columns, and change their names, on a global basis under Markbook Settings in Admin > School Admin in the main menu. Good luck : ) Ross

Thanks for your response.
You’re saying that Attainment is the score a student got in an assessment right? Effort is more of like a compensation score to the student towards their hard working in the subject right?
Are these correct?

You said that Attachment and Effort can be disabled. If they’re disabled, how can scores be entered? Is there something else different from Attainment and Effort that can allow scores to be entered?

So from your explanation, I believe that Attainment is more important than Effort. Effort is only to collect scores for how hard a student has worked instead of entering that score in the main score which is the official score the student got during assessment.

Is my understanding of your explanation correct?

Frank, yes you are correct in your first sentence.

If you disable both attainment and effort, then you can only enter scores in the comments section: but they can be disabled independently, so you can disable one and not the other…if you wish.

The important of attainment vs effort depends on your philosophy as a teacher. To me, effort is more important, as in the long term it leads to higher attainment. But, I might be wrong ; )


Thank you so much, Ross!
The frustration and challenges being faced is reducing, at least.


Any new system of this size and complexity takes time to work through, and the confusion is worsened by the fact that the nomenclature and philosophy of education vary so much from place to place.