Maximum length of email address

I have a problem. The email addresses of my students are very long because the domain of my school is very long. In some cases the email address exceeds 50 characters and Gibbon does not allow me to write such long email addresses.

Where can I change the maximum length of characters to allow me to write email addresses of more than 50 characters? What file and what line should I edit?

Thank you

Hi candau,

This is one we have not seen before! What is the longest email address you have? We could take that, add 10 to be on the safe side, and then make the changes for you in our v17 branch. You could then back port these changes to v16 if needed.



Hi Ross.

Well, I think that increasing the length of the field to 75 characters would be enough. The truth is that the email addresses are very long because we provide them to students and include their first name and two surnames. And to that we must add the domain name of the school that has 28 characters. Too long, but it’s school politics.

While leaving v.17, could you find out what I have to change in v.16 to increase the length of the field? I can modify the length myself, if you tell me where I have to make the change. Thanks for your time.

Hi candau,

I’ve put together the changes for v17 to increase the field lengths, which can be seen here:

To make the same changes to your system, first run the lines of SQL on your database (change ;end on each line to <code class="CodeInline">; )

Then make the highlighted changes to each file, which are luckily fairly small. Be sure to get the last one, which sets the default length in the src/Forms/FormFactory.php file.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra, thanks for doing this so quickly! I’ve now merged the changes into the v17 branch. Cheers, Ross.

Hi @candau
Can you give an example of the domainname? Does it consist of a subdomain? Would it be possible to use an alias domain as maildomain that is significantly shorter? (would be easier to use to)