Hi Ross,

Explored Markbook little more. Need some more clarification.

Scenario: There are 2 Term Exams in a year (half yearly and Yearly, say T1 & T2). In T1, all course exam have 50 Marks (i.e. Target or Total Mark), and in T2, all course has Target as 100 Mark. Accordingly Attainment (passing Mark in my words) will change. Now

  1. While entering marks for any course (say Eng01), Target is defined as common. How do I change that based on different Terms(i.e. 50 for T1 for ENG01 & 100 for T2 for ENG01)?
  2. When Student is viewing their markbook, we need to display the Target mark (or say total mark for that course/subject) for each term also in a column. Is there a way?
  3. Is there any option to filter the markbook on Term wise? Like for T1 it should bring all the subject with their respective marks (Target/Acheivement & score), and similarly for T2.
  4. Also, can we define the default Target (say 50) for all courses for T1 and say 100 for T2? Same question for Attainment? Currently we have the option to select it for all Student individually.


  1. The target is set for the whole year. You can change it during the year, and grades rated against the old target will not be re-rated against the new target, unless you go in to Enter Data and press submit. We get around this by reporting in the Primary Assessment Grade (which is in Admin > System Admin > System Settings). In your case, you could always report as a percentage, and set the target as a percentage too. You could then report the raw score in the comment box.

  2. I have made a note to add the target grade to the student/parent view in v9. I will make this change in the coming 2 weeks and submit to the development strand in GitHub. I imagine v9 will be release some time late in Q1 2015, but this is not a fixed date.

  3. Not at current: we are not so term-oriented in our school, so it has never come up.

  4. Again, I would recommend converting to your Primary Assessment Scale, as this will mean a lot less work and a lot less change for teachers and students.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ross. couple more question:

  1. The Attainment mark was changed for T2, but it was still considering T1 Attianment mark to decide if student pass or fail (changing the color).
  2. We given new entry for Target for T2, but not sure if it is over writing the previous one. We need the old Target value also to display based on T1 & T2.

Rakesh, just to confirm, there is currently no support for termly targets: it is one per year. However, if you assess on a target in T1, and then change the target in T2, the T1 assessment stays relative to the T1 target, as long as you do not re-edit the student data (at which point it is re-calculated against the updated target). So, it seems this is not an ideal solution for you, as you cannot easily see the old target (although it is included in the description for the student when viewing the markbook, but it is quite subtle).

Given our current level of resources, and the changes we have made on your behalf already, I cannot see us being able to implement real termly resources in the near future. Sorry about this.

However, I have just commited improved display of targets in the student, parent and student profile views. Hopefully this helps!

Thanks Ross!
Your response regarding the Target values for 2 different terms showing up in the Description really helps. I had somehow missed to see it in the description.

Regarding the 1st point I had mentioned, I am not really sure what could be the problem.
This is regarding the Color coding for Student Score.
Scenario: What I did was, I created 2 Terms T1 & T2 with Attaintment values as 35 & 20 respectively. The Color code for the student score is working fine for T1 and for T2 it is not working as expected. I gave couple of students score more than 20 but less than 35 for T2 but these Students were color coded red.


I have run the follow steps, which show the Markbook is behaving as designed. This seems to disagree with your assessment above, which is odd. Can you please try and run the following steps, and see what you get:

  1. Give target of 5.
  2. Give grade of 5: no colour, on target
  3. Give grade of 4: orange colour, under target
  4. Give grade of 6: green colour, over target
  5. Set target to 7: original grade does not change colour
  6. Change grade from 6 to 5, or assign new grade at 5: orange colour, under target

Are you seeing what is described above? In which case, maybe I misunderstood your case?

Hi Ross, As per your explanation, I understood that Target is nothing but minimum score required to clear/pass that course (Passing mark in my words). In that case, Attainment is the Student score, which student has got or achieve in the exam. If that is correct then here is my case:
Lets say English exam to be conducted-
Total Marks - 100
Target (Passing Mark ) - 35 (Student score below this will be fail)
Attainment (Student Score) - lets say he score 85
Then what is Effort column in Markbook?
And, is there any way to display total mark in the markbook(100 in my case)?


Your understanding of target is correct. If an individual’s target is not set, each scale has a minimum pass mark built in, and the student mark is tagged accordingly. And you are correct that attainment is the student score (or level, or percentile).

Effort is a judgement on how hard the student has worked in undertaking their work.

In fact, both the attainment and effort columns can be renamed for the whole system, so you can use them for whatever you want across the whole school. This can be set under Admin > School Admin > Markbook Settings.

If you use a scale from 0-100, this should be listed in the Usage column of the scale when you set it up Admin > School Admin > Manage Grade Scales. When a parent or student views the Markbook, or when a member of staff looks at an individual student in the Markbook (e.g. via the Students module), then the grade scale details are shown under the grade, and you will know the total score is out of 100.

I hope this makes sense. If not, let me know!


Thank you Ross.