Respected Teachers, Developers and Admins,
I am using Gibbon for Month, Its really amazing. Fascinating modules, Superior Support and all in One solution for schools.
Here is my Problem
I have weights as Homework 30% Tests 30% and Final Exam 40% all 3 makes Final Grade %age. This is teacher view of Markbook which shows final grade

But Student view of markbook does not showing Final grade

  1. How to show Final grade to students upon completion of all 3 types of assessments?
  1. And please also explain How we can use internal assessment, formal assessment and external assessment in our school? We are based upon Marks System and %ages.

Once again I appreciate the efforts of admin and Sandra for such a useful answers and timely response.
Keep up

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Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam, thank you for your kind words, and welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

In School Admin > Markbook Settings there is a setting called Enable Display Cumulative Marks, which I believe is off by default but if you turn it on then the marks should appear in the student and parent view of the markbook.

Formal Assessment comes in two types: Internal and External. This feature is likely used most often by IB schools. It’s my understanding that Internal Assessments (predicted grades, expected grades, etc) are a part of the IB programme. External Assessment can be used for tracking any standardized assessments taken by a student, eg: GCSE/iGCSE, Cognitive Abilities Test, or other government/regional/standardized testing.

If it sounds like this isn’t a feature you need for your school you can turn the module off in System Admin > Manage Modules (edit Formal Assessment & set Active to No).

Give a shout if you have any other questions as you get your school up and running.

Thank You Sandra,
I have done as you told now it is showing Commulative in the students gradebook But still Final Grade is not showing on students gradebook view.

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Also time table view of student is blurr and not showing all

Hi Ghulam, I’ll take a look into why the Final Grade might not be showing up and let you know.

There should be some hover-over information when the timetable becomes quite compact like that. Does this help? Otherwise, what kind of details appear to be missing?

Thanks Sandra,
It is now working. Upon hovering it shows the details.