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Hi Ross, is there a way that student can view there markbook grouped by Assesment(markbook column). Right now it is group by Course & class.
In our case we create the Assesment lets say “semester 1 Exam”, and we enter marks/grade for all course/class.Similarly for “Semester 2 Exam” we do entry of all course& class. If student wants to view marks for all the courses for semester 1 only, they do not have grouping option on assesment. They can view marks on course group only.

Rakesh, as a school you can set your own column types for the Markbook. How about we add a filter for type, so if you mark columns with the type “Semester 2 Exam” you could filter for that. Do you think that would help?

That would definitely work Ross. Only thing, we have to make sure that there should not be any typo while defining the markbook column as we have to define same column for all the course and class. Is there a way to declare markbook column only 1 time for all the course? So we can select the markbook column(instead of typing every time, example-selecting pre-defined column “semester2 exam” in drop down) for each courses So we are sure that all courses will have same markbook column.

Sorry about this Ross. I think i am asking too much. For time being if i can get the filter option, would be great for me.

Thankyou again.

Rakesh, OK I have actually built the filter in v9 this morning, as it is useful for my school as well.

Your concern about typos should not be a problem, as teachers select the Type field from a drop down menu. To customise the drop down for your school, go to Admin > School Admin > Markbook Settings.

I will commit the changes to v9 dev code on GitHub when I get to school in a few minutes.

Hope it all works for you!

Hi Ross, I copied the code but somehow cant see any data. Not sure if we are missing anything. Is there any change in database also? I just copied 2 files.

Just to check you got the right code, do the new pages contain the variable $filter3?

I have used the following modules.


I was able to see the 3rd filter (drop down option - Type) for Parent & Student login.

I am able to view the Markbook details from the parent login, but I am not able to view any markbook detail from Student Login. The message displayed is “There are currently no grades to display in this view”.

Rakesh, there was a bug in the student version, which should now be fixed. Grab the same two files from GitHub and load them up, see if it solves the issue. Ross.

Thanks Ross for your Prompt response.
Its working fine now.

Another one down! Do you mind updating me of your status in terms of school(s) using the system, whether production, testing, dev, etc? If it is confidential, email the support address. Just trying to learn more about where users are in the process of using Gibbon.

Hi , we have a school database which is existing now we are doing migration v1 to v2 version ,the thing is how to export Markbook - Marks - by Student Username , for this i need a query to export data from exsisting v1database ,that i need to import into gibbon database v2

Hi @shankarvm14, Gibbon has a powerful set of inbuilt import tools. You can access these via Admin > System Admin > Import From File. Scroll down and you’ll see four imports relating to the Markbook. For each of these you can export a template file, populate it with information from your old system, and then import it. Good luck! Ross.