Markbook Term and cumulative score noot showing up

The term and cumulative column aren’t showing in the markbook. Even after changing my weightings.

Doe the markboook caluclate a final socre/grade coulumn or i have to add it my self since, Final grade = test1+test2+exam ?

Hi fosippo,

Good question. I was stumped by this at first because it should be working based on your screenshot. I did some digging into the code and testing and discovered that the Default Assessment Scale at the bottom of System Admin > System Settings needs to be set to Percentage for the cumulative average to work. This is probably because it needs a common scale to use between all columns. If you make this change the cumulative mark should appear. If this is the case, I should add a node to the docs so it’s clearer.


Hey sandra,

Thank you it worked. Only problem is the final score is way off point.

So the final grade ought to be something like this: test1+test2+eam (20 +20+60) = Final grade. How can i achieve this with the markboook

Hi fosippo,

The cumulative column is an average of the marks (+ weighted, if you’ve enabled that feature & created weightings).

Without weightings, the average would be something like:
(70% + 80% + 90%) / 3 for three assignments = 80% average

With weightings of 20/20/60% overall, it works out to:
(70% * 20) + (80% * 20) + (90% * 60) / 100 = 84% average

Does this help?