Markbook - Student Names > Stretch COLUMN to make names readable

Good day Admin!

Another request, please.
Is there a way to stretch Student Names column in Markbook, to make the names appear readable.
When Student Names were sorted according to Roll Order, the names were dropped to the second line at it makes the names hard to read.

Again, thank you in advance.
Rady Jacer

Hi Rady,

Gibbon has two different name fields to help with this situation: a first name for the student’s full first name including middle names; and a preferred name, for the shorter common name of the student. In almost every area of the system, the preferred name is used, to help fit these onto the screen. In your example, Nicholas Godfrey L. sounds like it may be the first name, where the preferred name might be Nicholas (or even Nick).


Now I understand the purpose of preferred name. In our case, teachers are used in using First Name initials.

Another quick help from sandra :smiley:
Thank you admin for your generous support.

Rady Jacer