Markbook - Printer friendly version

Hi all

This is nothing new, in fact what I am asking, Markbook - Printer friendly version, is very similar or even same as these 2 posts

Before we have a flexible transcript module integrated to the Gibbon’s core, having a printable markbook may be somewhat a quick fix for people like us (lack of skill and resources to build a customized report module).

I was looking at this page (student_view_details.php) , and wondering if I can simply make a copy the php file, rename it, editing some php and html coding, then access it as the Printer Friendly version, or “print to file”, save as a PDF.

Attached 2 screenshots, the first one is the original page, the second one is what i want to achieve by making a copy of this file. I have already identified all these 6 elements (or codes that I have to change). After I made a copy of the file and tried to access it, it failed all kind of access right checking in this file (no right to perform action blah blah blah). I think there is something I have to add elsewhere so I can access this new page with same token/session data as the original page?

Can someone help, please.



Of course, the shortcoming of above mentioned approach is page break problem of a long webpage, but still better than nothing