Markbook option when edited any already existent lesson.

When create a new lesson in the planner, selecting the option to add homework also gives you the opportunity to add a linked markbook item as well. However, this option does not exist when editing an already existing lesson. I can add homework, but no option to create a linked markbook item is there.

This is troublesome because it, in effect, penalizes me for using the planner to plan ahead. We are required to have an Annual Plan at our school, which means using the planner to give names to my lessons for the entire year. Because I am not really lesson planning when setting this up, I miss the only opportunity I get for adding a linked markbook item.

And I do understand that I can, after the fact, link a markbook item that’s been created. However it seems like it would make better sense to offer the automatic creation of a markbook item the moment any homework is being assigned; especially since this feature already exists.

Hi Nate, I can see where this could be useful. The planner could check for any markbooks that use the gibbonPlannerID, and if none are found, offer the same checkbox option for creating a markbook.

Our somewhat limited development capacity is already earmarked for some larger refactoring goals over the next few versions. Would you be interested in trying your hand at making this change and creating a pull request for the core? Feel free to check out our contributing docs:

The other option is we can add this to a wishlist for the next hackathon and see if there is a developer interested in taking it on.

I’ll definitely look into it!

So I can add the radio button easily enough, however it doesn’t function automatically. How can I hook in to the markbook the same way that planner_add does?

You could look in the planner_addProcess.php script to see if you could identify the code that handles the markbook creation and redirect, and then add that into the planner_editProcess.php page as well.

Got it. I’ll toss a pull request once a clean up my chicken scratch.

Pull request submitted.

Hi Nate, I haven’t seen any pull requests recently. Be sure that it’s on the GibbonEdu/Core repo, and not your forked repository : )

…Which is exactly what I did

Pull request submitted.

Thanks for the PR :smiley: We’re just getting v23 wrapped up and out the door, I’ll look at merging it as one of the first PRs for v24.