Markbook option Pass/Fail not displaying any options, data admin not accepting P as value

We have a course that is Pass/Fail. I want to enter this into the markbook. But when I select Pass/Fail as the grading scale, there is no option in the Markbook. The dropdown menu is blank.

When I try to upload values through Data Admin, I get the following error:

Attainment Descriptor: P does not match an existing value, gibbonMarkbookColumnID in `gibbonScaleGrade`

I know I must be doing something wrong but am not sure where to start with this one.

Hi dcowens76,

That is odd, and I wonder if solving the first issue would also solve the second issue. Is this a grade scale you’ve created yourself? Can you share a screenshot of the scale, as well as the markbook where it should be showing up (but isn’t).

Ah, I see the problem. So it is a default grading scale, but by default it has no values. It has been so long since I set up our grading scale by percentage that I forgot about that step. For anyone who finds this, go to School Admin > Manage Grade Scales and click the Edit button. Then add values under EDIT GRADES.

Now I just need to get the reporting module to play nice with it. :smile: