Markbook issue using weighting and term grouping

Hi folks,

I’m using the latest version of Gibbon (v25). I have the following issue occurring on php 8+.

Markbook settings

  • Enable Column Weighting: YES
  • Group Columns by Term: YES

I can now create my first assessment for a class and I assign it to “Term 1”, which works just fine. Then I switch the filter from “All Terms” to “Term 1” and I get the “OH NO!” error message.

Apache throws this:

[Sun Jul 23 10:34:07.988800 2023] [php:notice] [pid 22050] [client] Uncaught Exception: TypeError - Unsupported operand types: null + string in /etc/debian-edu/www/srv/core-25.0.00/modules/Markbook/markbook_view_allClassesAllData.php on line 962, referer: http://localhost/srv/core-25.0.00/index.php?q=/modules/Markbook/markbook_view.php&gibbonCourseClassID=00002426

Can somebody reproduce this?

Kind regards,

@sandra Seen this post yet? :wink:

Hi folks!

Is there any development on this issue?

Could anybody at least reproduce this?

Kind regards,