Markbook - Grading System and Raw Scores


Is there a way where I can just save raw scores for a given workbook column? We’ve been meaning to have the grades to be as transparent as possible when it is posted for parents and students. For example, instead of marking the percentages for the homework, we can mark that the student has gotten 15 points out of 20 items.

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There is no way you an do free-text entry into the Markbook, but you can define any scale you want (e.g. 1-20). Have a look in Admin > School Admin  in the main menu bar, and then Manage Grade Scales in the module menu (usually on the right hand side). Add scales here, and then they will show in the Markbook add/edit view. You can deactivate scales you don’t want, so they do not show in the Markbook.



Thaks Ross! This did the trick!