Markbook grades and targets

Hi, I am having some trouble with the Markbook.
When I input the grades instead of going green when a student is on target, it seems like the system is getting mixed up and is saying the students are below target.
This doesn’t happen for all targets and students so I am not sure what might be causing it.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you.
Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 12-55-22 Abrar Academy - Gibbon - Markbook

This screenshot shows that even though it knows the target is 5 it still says that grade 6 is below the target.
Screenshot (1)

Hi @Hamziatcha, this is interesting. It looks like you may be using a custom grade scale, so can you share some screenshots of the setup of your grade scale from School Admin > Manage Grade Scales. If you have the “Numeric” option turned on, then it should be comparing the values as numbers, in which case the above behaviour is quite odd. Otherwise, it will use the Sequence Number of the grades to determine the expected order, with 1 being the top of a sequence and 10 being the bottom. Hope this helps.

Hi @sandra ,
I will send a screenshot soon when I am able to but in the meantime I was thinking that because it only happens with a few classes, I wonder if it’s due to multiple targets being uploaded by mistake through the import tool.

Is there a way to reset the targets for those classes so I can import the targets again?

Thanks for the help

Hi again, just wanted to add the screenshot here.
It looks like everything is set up properly.