Markbook errors

Hello, I was trying to test the program and added a few classes, subjects, Departments, teachers and students. My next step was trying to test if its functions work and on adding marks to the markbook I experienced errors.One that really bored me was “Your request failed dues to a database error” This is contained in the markbook_edit_addMultiProcess.php file…Code:
(else if ($addReturn==“fail2”) {
$addReturnMessage=_(“Your request failed due to a database error.”) ; )

James, is it possible for me to get an account on your Gibbon install so I can go in and look at this issue? If not, can you give me some exact steps to replicate this issue, as I cannot currently see it on my system.

I know you are running the development code (v9.2 branch in GitHub, which is going to be released as v10), but I wonder if something went wrong in your installer (some issues were fixed a few days ago) that prevented your database updating itself. Can you check the footer of your Gibbon install, and let me know if it is showing “v10.0.00” or “v10.0.00dev”?

Thanks, Ross


Am running on a local host. Just try to update the mark book of any class

Right, when you installed it, I think you got hit by a bug that failed to update your database to the latest version, because you were not detected as using the development version, even though you have development code. This is one of the dangers of running development code instead of stable code.

Is this installation only for testing, or were you planning on using it for production?

It is possible for me to try and work out what database updates you need to run, but it might go wrong.

Easiest is to reinstall from scratch, but I understand if you don’t want to do this.

Let me know.

I was planning to use it on production. Well, I tried to reinstall but this time used sample data (for the stable version) when viewing a markbook of a particular student I received the following error.

I followed all post installation instructions.

Did you download the latest version of the code from When you were installing, on Step 3, did you make sure that Cutting Edge Code was automatically set to Yes?

Lemme retry the steps and get back at you. What is the deal with setting it to “Yes”?

If the downloaded code is a stable release (e.g. downloaded from, then the Cutting Edge Code option in Step 3 of the installer should be automatically set to “No”, because it is stable code. This means for the life of the install, it needs to only be fed stable code releases in order to keep the database healthy.

If the code is downloaded from GitHub, and is not a stable release, then the Cutting Edge Code option in Step 3 of the installer should be automatically set to “Yes”. This means that you can update it at any time, between releases, with unstable code, and run incremental database updates (e.g. instead of running the whole database update for a version, it will track and install only what in that version has yet to be installed).

So, cutting edge code is for developers and risk takers only: for stable, you don’t want cutting edge code.

Either way, whenever you update to a new version, you need to update your code AND your database, as per the instructions here:

Hope this helps!


I don’t what happen with it. Could anyone help me please? Why does the step 3 display nothing for me like this?

I firstly install it on ubuntu server 15.04 with Gibbon v9.1.

I send the image, I hope you can help me as soon as possible

Do you have error reporting turned on in your php.ini file? If not could you enable error reporting by adding the line below to your php.ini file.
error _ reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE.
I think it may be a missing or disabled library in your php install. Most probably gettext but would need to see the error to be sure.

Warning: require(/public_html/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/jmsperu1/public_html/ on line 24

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/public_html/’ (include_path=‘:/usr/local/php56/lib/php’) in /home/jmsperu1/public_html/ on line 24

James, not sure this one is relevant to the original post. Please can you post as a new thread with a descriptive title? Ross.