Markbook Entries for Year Group - filter by term

Can you update the query Markbook Entries for Year Group so that I can filter by the term? (in addition to School Year and Year Group)


I did this, created an additional variable:

gibbonSchoolYearID =:schoolYear
AND FIND_IN_SET(gibbonYearGroup.gibbonYearGroupID, :yearGroup)
AND gibbonPerson.status=‘Full’
AND gibbonSchoolYearTermID = :schoolTerm

but had to type in a value 036 to get the results for Term 3.

Hi Tieku, nicely done, and sorry I’d not had a chance to get back to you! Why don’t you try to add:

JOIN gibbonSchoolYearTerm ON (gibbonMarkbookColumn.gibbonSchoolYearTermID=gibbonSchoolYearTerm.gibbonSchoolYearTermID)

after the other joins, which should then allow you to change your final where clause to:

AND = :schoolTermName

Let us know how you get on!


Hello Ross this is Tieku ?

Sorry Tieku…I had just emailed Yirong and got my wires crossed! Fixed now.