markbook data rolling over


I have noticed that the markbook data does not roll over - I think it would be really useful for this data to be rolled over with the students to their next classes

Is there a way to do this? I know we can still access the data by logging into the last year - but some staff would like to say past data in the same markbook.


Hi, when creating form groups and roll groups, did you create the same for the following year? i.e the ones which data is supposed to be “promoted” to?

athar1, Markbook grades are associated with courses and classes, which exist within specific school years. As a teacher, you only see the current year in Assess > Markbook…however, if you view a student profile (e.g. People > Student) you have access to all past Markbook data. Parents this this view in Assess > Markbook.

The idea is to allow teachers to focus on assessment in the current year, but to make past data available in the right situations. If you want to access, as a teacher, the Markbook for previous years, you can log out and log in to that year.

Hope this helps…let us know if it does not!

Thanks Ross

I was only thinking of this from a teacher’s perspective, that it would be good for them to start their year off with a bit of previous data - or if there could be a filter - where they could set how long they would like to see assessment data for. I’m not using this as a teacher, but that’s how I’d like things.

Also, in our school, teacher login with their Google accounts, so I know there is the option to login to the previous year when loggin in with your gibbon account but is this possible with Google login?

Thanks again

Luckily the Google login options have been added recently to v15, the changes are limited to just one file and they’re backwards compatible to v14. If you’d like to use it, you can replace your /lib/google/index.php` file with the one here: Then check your Teacher role in Manage Roles to ensure they have access to login to past years.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot for that fix, Sandra! That solves a number of issues.

athar1, we could look at such features in the future, but for the moment I think logging in to previous years is what we would recommend (made easier with Sandra’s features above), as we have a lot of other work under way at the moment. Thanks!