Markbook Cumulative column empty

I have Enable Display Cumulative Marks set to Yes and using the Percentage Attainment Scale. However, nothing is showing up in the Cumulative column, What extra step(s) do I need to take. I know I’ve seen a value in this column in past installations.


Are the columns marked as complete? (green checkmark in the column heading)


Can you check that your school grade scale in System Settings is also set to Percentage? You’ve mentioned the grade scale, but it may only be applied to the columns themselves.

Let’s see if these screenshots will help. Let me know whether any other screenshots will be helpful. Thanks

Ignore the above post. I had not checked/changed the school grade scale to percentage. Can only one grade scale be used for all classes?

That is correct that only one default grade scale can be specified for all classes. However, this is just the default, and any time a grade scale is used, such as in the Markbook, this can be manually overridden.