Markbook confusion

Ross, got confuse with Markbook. Please let me know meaning of Attainment/Effort and Target. My requirement is to have exam once in 6 month for all course. For example Total marks would be 100 and minimum passing mark would be lets say 35. Student below 35 would be fail and more than 35 would be pass. What field should have Total mark value(100 in my case), what would be student mark (let say student got 75). Where should I put remark, if student fail or pass?

Rakesh, firstly, you can change the names of the Attainment/Effort column for the whole school, should you need to. Check out Markbook Settings in School Admin for this. To meet your requirements, you could make a new grading scale for your school, and you can set the pass/fail mark as 35. You could then use this scale when you set up your Markbook column. I would do this for the Attainment column. The system will then automatically highlight students who have failed. Hope this helps!

Thanks Ross.