Markbook Classes View

I’m having an issue with what classes my teachers are able to see. When they click on the “Class” dropdown, all of the classes in the entire school are appearing, and although it doesn’t let them edit the mark book for the other classes, I would like to remove the option for the classes they don’t teach entirely, as it clutters the UI, and makes it hard to decipher what class they really need. I have tried playing around with the role permissions, and none of them seem to accomplish what I need. Would it be possible to get a permission like this in the “manage permissions” section, or perhaps make this a standard across the markbook module?

Thank you,

Hi Jack, I can appreciate the aim to simplify things for users. In the case of markbook and planner, Gibbon was designed with teacher collaboration and communication in mind, especially for schools where teachers might cover each other when they are off sick, or if form tutors or other teachers need to look up information about a class or student. In general, the permissions for students and parents will be a lot more restrictive than for teachers, to allow a level of collaboration and information sharing among teachers. In lists like this, a teachers classes will always be listed first at the top, in a My Classes section, and the full list of classes will appear below: accessible, but ideally not in the way.