Markbook and Reporting

We are new to Gibbon and have the following questions regarding the Markbook and Reports:

  1. Can the Markbook calculate the final average grade?
  2. If Markbook can calculate the final grade, can this automatically be entered into Reports?
  3. All of our courses are 0.5 credit each semester. Is it possible to generate a transcript that includes the credits of each course?
  4. If we are importing final grades from past years into Gibbon, in order to later create fully-complete transcripts, where should the data be entered? Into Reports or as Formal Assessment?


  1. We are currently trying to generate reports for past school years and when we select the Scope/Criteria the classes are now showing. We verified that the classes are “Reportable” but the classes aren’t appearing. Any advice?

*the classes aren’t showing when trying to create new scopes for previous school years