Mark Book

Hi Ross,

I am using the percentage scale in the markbook. I set personalized target for each student to 100%. If a student gets below the 100% eg. 90% and you hover your mouse over the green box that is over the attainment score of 90% it incorrectly states: “Attainment is above personalized target of 100%.” 
On the contrary, If the attainment is 100% the prompt is correctly stating: Attainment is on personalized target.

Can you assist?


You managed to find quite an obscure edge case here, based on the way the comparison was done: basically because 100 has three digits and 99 only has two, and they were being evaluated as strings, things got confused. Thanks for flagging this issue up! It has now been fixed, and the fix is compatible with v11. Just grabbed the changed file from the commit below:



Thanks Ross.

Changed script and its now correct.