Mark Book Term and Cumulative

Should i be seeing an average grade for the term in the mark book?

It looks like you should. I mention @skuipers here, as she build and uses this feature (my school does not), so she might be able to lend some insight. Ross.

Hi rprice,
The red X means a markbook column isn’t being considered in the average. This can be one of two reasons: the Com

oops, typing in a phone, here’s the rest: either the complete date hasn’t been set (on the bottom of the edit or enter marks page) or the weighting is set to 0. When a mark is part of the average you’ll see a green check-mark.

Hope this helps!

Thank you I will try it.

It works great, thanks.

Glad to hear it works. I should have clocked the red crosses, but got distracted by the empty columns on the right! Thanks to @skuipers for spotting it.