Map Classes page

Can we consider this update in a future version:

On the Home > Timetable Admin > Sync Course Enrolment > Map Classes page:
Have a Select all Classes option and also an option for user to make the Form Group drop down selection just once, and have it apply for all classes on the page.

More often than not, schools have a one-to-one mapping for Form Groups and associated classes and this can be a helpful time-saver for a large number of classes.

@ross @rossdotparker

Hi Tieku,

The sync page uses a pattern matching option to try and match classes to form groups, so with the right pattern, you shouldn’t need to select the form groups each time, they will be pre-selected for you. Because there are no inherent connections between classes and form groups, there’s no other way for it to automatically select these for you.

Here’s an example using the [yearGroupShortName].[classShortName] pattern. With the pattern match setup, it auto-selects the matching form group, there shouldn’t need to be a lot of selecting to do, just some fine tuning. Since this is an area that is generally only configured once per school year, even if it does take a little time to setup the sync for each year group, its done infrequently enough that it shouldn’t take too much time.

Sandra my response is coming late but I tried it and got it to work. This makes student class enrolment a breeze, considering I used to use spreadsheets to do this. Many thanks. @ross

Great to hear you got it to work!