Manageing Staff availability

Hello, am just trying to set the availability of my staff as many are part time and I want to be able to use the ‘View Available Teachers’ function for setting cover. Currently they are all present at all times, so just need to set their working hours and days.
Many thanks.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

Anyone from admin able to answer this? Perhaps it’s coming in the v17 update? Thanks!

Hi JWDixon1,

The View Available Teachers option looks at the timetable for availability, so if they’re not timetabled for a period it marks them as available. Currently, I don’t know of any options to set part-time availability. Do you have a large number of these cases? It may be possible to create a fake “class” called Unavailable, and timetable it for the periods that they’re not available. This would cause the Available Teachers query to see the class and not list them as available. Not something I’ve tried through, just an idea.

v17 doesn’t include updates related to staff availability. Gibbon is open source, so it may be possible to develop this as a feature if it’s something your school requires.

We could possibly have a class called “Staff Member not available”. I will look into this as a solution.