Manage Websites in Credintials and Website Feed Websites


I am little confused in these websites:)

What are these websites in feed module as from which websites posts will be displayed.

And also what are Websites in Credintials module.

Please shed some light on these if possible with examples.

Best regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam,

The Feeds module is designed to read a form tutor’s student’s Website field, and aggregate the posts into a feed. It is a way for teachers to keep an eye on student blogging.

For Credentials, you can define the websites from which you want to store credentials. Once you define the websites, you can then use them when adding a new credential. As an example, here are some websites for which we store credentials for students:

Hope this helps!


Thanks @admin ,
I understood credintials websites. But not feed .

Please let me know these questions regarding feeds module.

1- Are these websites inside Gibbon or out of Gibbon

2- Please explain with one example of feed website and how it works.

For example : if this is Gibbon website

Then what will be the students or tutors websites.

Best regards,

Hi Ghulam,

The websites would exist outside of Gibbon. For example, you might use WordPress’s multisite feature to give every student a blog. You would take the blog address for each student, and store it in their user profile in Gibbon.

Feed will then draw together the posts from all of a form tutor’s students, and aggregate them for the tutor to see.

This can be used, for example, if students are encouraged to keep an online portfolio, and if form tutors want to moderate these.

I hope this is clearer!



@admin Do you mean the students will see only their own blog’s feed?

Since the Gibbon section of the website is what the parents and students access all the time, they tend to miss out announcements etc on the “News & Events” section of the school website.

How can I make it available in the “Website Feed” section for all students and parents ?

Hi flygye12,

That is correct, students only see their own posts.

In order to display a custom feed, I think you’d need to take the module, and hard-code your own feed URL in the place of, or in addition to, the student’s own.

If you were to add this as a setting, this could form a new version of the module, which we’d love to see. Let me know if you need any help.