Manage reporting Access by Class

Hello Gibbon team, and thanks for all your efforts.

My school is a community school, and has a nontraditional structure.

currently we have
role groups. but those are not what we report attendance for.
we have 2 courses.
1 course has almost 16 classes, as all the students in those 16 classes are basically taught the same topics by a different teacher for each class.
Question is:
How can i limit access to reports, where each teacher is only able to report for his class only, rather than having access to reports of other classes.

i have an assisting teacher for the each class to help in case the main teacher is absent so no need for the permission for everyone.
Thanks again

sorry, i put the post under Translation by mistake.

Hello Aziz ,
Gibbon already provides permission based access. You can control access through Manage Permissions menu.

i know about permissions in user Admin, and manage access, but not able to find which permission prevents a teacher from writing reports for “classes” that he doesn’t teach, on the same course that he teaches.

Hi Aziz. There are two permissions for writing reports, Write Reports_mine and Write Reports_editAll, in this case the “mine” is looking for the user to have either the Teacher or Assistant role for a specific class. By default, this enables teachers to only write reports for the classes that they teach, and cannot edit the reports for other classes, even in the same course. Teachers will still be able to see other reports from other classes, but they will see the message: "This report is read-only. You do not have access to make changes. "

Hope this helps!

Thank you Sandra, i have managed to fix it.
some of my teachers are students at the same time, with Student as a primary role, which caused this issue to happen.
once i made teacher role the primary role the permissions worked perfectly.
I think this topic should be moved to Administration section and can be closed now.
Thank again?

Great to hear you have it working! Np, I’ve moved the thread.