Manage Invoices & Manage Invoicees Status and Records

Good day Gibbon Community.
First, I wanted to express my gratitude for your effort on making this opensource solution. I’ve been using opensource solution in most of my deployments, you guys and doing a wonderful contribution.

My question would be. When do the invoices status change to “paid, partial, cancelled, refunded, etc.”
Home > Finance > Manage Invoices

Also, under Home > Finance > Manage Invoicees
I created different invoices under 1 student, will there be only in Invoicess for each student? When does the status change to “Pending, Full”?

Hi englandyow, welcome to the community and thanks for your kind words :smiley:

For invoices, the status changes based on the actions you perform on the invoice. When you first create it, it is still pending. When you use the Issue action, it will become issued. Then, once issues, you can click the Edit action to enter a full or partial payment, and this will update the status.

The status of the invoicee in the list is based on their enrolment status in the school (Students > Student Enrolment). A student only ever has one invoicee record, which determines who pays their invoices, but they can have as may invoices as needed.

Thank you very much sandra. Have a good one.