Mail and SMS configuration

Hi Ross, How do we configure email? Able to use Messaging system successfully, but unable to send mail for same. If I need to send immediate Email and SMS (on cell phone) for any message which I put on message wall in the Messaging module. So that user/student will get immediate notification on moblie for sms even if they are not logged in. Also a Email in there personal mail box, like gmail or yahoo etc.
Any help on this would be appreciated.


For outgoing email (not just in messenger, but all sorts of alerts from the system), you need to have outgoing mail configured on your server. Usually this is just a case of setting up sendmail or something similar, and PHP will use that to get the messages out. This is free. What kind of server are you using?

For SMS, look under Admin > School Admin > Manage SMS Settings, and you will see instructions for connecting to an SMS gateway called One Way SMS ( We use them in Hong Kong, and the are in a number of countries around the world, but not India it seems. Maybe contact them and ask them.

If their gateway software is standard in some way, you might be able to use the current Gibbon code to work with another gateway. If you find another gateway that works in India, but Gibbon does not work with, let me know and I can look into adding support.


I have a trial account with One Way SMS. Can you help with what information goes where in setting it up in Gibbon?


I think, in version 10, you will find the relevant fields under Admin > System Settings. Can you see anything in there about SMS?



Can’t we integrate with Twillio or Nexmo?

finansky, both of these are possibilities, but at current, Gibbon only works with One Way SMS. Can you tell me more about your situation, and the school you are considering using Gibbon with, and I will see if we can find the resources to integrate one of these platforms. Do you have a preference between them? Thanks, Ross.

Hi Ross,

Sorry for raising an old discussion. How can support for a kannel gateway be achieved? It basically requires message in this format:


Sorry the format is


Hello mwendwa5,

The SMS gateway we use, OneWaySMS, uses the following format (I’ve broken it into separate lines to make it easier for you to use:


As you can see, it is very similar to yours, with the only difference being the additional language names, and some minor changes to field names.

So, looks good for use to be able to incorporate this gateway into Gibbon, especially as it seems to be open source. Just to confirm the gateway you are talking about is this one:

If you can confirm this, I can look at adding support for this in v14, as long as you can test it for us before release, so we know it is working.



The SMS gateway is very important and I am glad that all of the issues here are solved. My mom is a business owner and wants to use some sort of text messaging service for business so that she can have growth in the sales. Is there anyone who has used any other gateway for app for sending bulk SMS?

Using an open source SMS gateway – Kannel
Kannel is an open source project which aims to provide a WAP gateway for free.
Kannel can also be used to send SMS messages with its “SMS box”.


Just to know is it a way to resend invoice after the first attempt, notice once issue done, the button no more come out. Need a way to manually resend invoice out by request

This is something I’m struggling right now as well. I don’t think this is possible currently.

Hi @sonnysiah do you want to post this as a seperate thread, as it is a new topic? If you can include a screenshot, I’ll see what we can do to help. Thanks, Ross.

Hey @ross,

Do you know what happened with this? Did Kannel support go through?

I’m looking at setting Kannel up, depending on if it works with Gibbon. Idea is to automate text messages if students are marked as an unauthorised absence during the first period of the day. Would that be possible through Gibbon?

Hi @mahmoodali01 I’m not aware if anyone has made custom modifications to add Kannel to Gibbon, and it’s currently not available in the core. If someone where to write an SMS driver for Gibbon that works with Kannel, I’d be happy to add it to the core. We don’t have the time or capacity to look into developing it ourselves, but it looks like Kannel uses an HTTP interface. Have a look at how the existing OneWaySMS driver works for ideas of how to make your own driver: core/src/Comms/Drivers/OneWaySMSDriver.php at v27.0.00 · GibbonEdu/core · GitHub