madness of Roll Groups

i really don’t understand what this roll Groups is.
here is the situation of mine.
for example we have Grade 12 and there is multiple faculty in Grade 12,
(1) science,
(2) humanities
(3) business Study
(4) community health
for example science faculty has these subject x,y,z subject
and humanities has A,B,C subject
Business studies consist of D,E,F subject on their curriculum.
so now how can i tied each student to particular faculty, each student can chose from list of faculty and they can pursue that course.
suppose humanity faculty offer A,B,C subject , and science offer different than other. etc
so now what is the best way to configure this.
in my understanding first i need to create courses, for example science offer x,y,z subject.
course name would be " Year 12 X course" “year 12 Y course” " year 12 Z course"
and roll Group = humanities , science, business studies , community health.
so now the question raise how can i assign those courses to particular faculty, so then when the new student want to admission then i can assign him that faculty.

hope to hear soon
my english is really poor please, if my expression are hard to understand, i apologies for it.


Hi Khadka,
roll groups are used for class registration and attendance. You can use the timetable courses to group students into faculty classes. Does this help clear this up a bit.

could you please comment my design ?
i want to group courses to faculty, so when the student comes to admission, i can chose Grade & Faculty to assign that student.

Grade 12 humanities ( this is faculty, it consist of 6 different subject in humanities faculty )

Grade 12 Science ( this is faculty, it consist of 6 different subject in science faculty )

Grade 12 community Health ( this is faculty, it consist of 6 different subject in community health faculty )

for example Grade 12 humanity faculty offer 6 different subject than Science Faculty does.
i confusion at how can i make faculty and put those 6 subject to that faculty and assign that faculty to particular student.


How can i Group courses Name as “Grade 12 Humanities” and assign particular student while admission.



Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with Roll Groups. As George said, they are for registration and pastoral/personal/social care.

To answer your question, what you call Faculty, we call Department. You can add Departments under Admin > School Admin > Manage Departments. With these in place, you can then do to Admin > Timetable Admin and create Courses (e.g. Year 10 Science or SC10) and Classes (e.g. SC10.1, class 1 of Year 10 Science). Use Timetable Admin to them enrol students into these classes.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ross

now i’m getting little bit idea, i’m playing around, things figuring it, i’m enjoying with Gibbon… hope it will take sometime to get familiar, but i won’t give it up.