lots of errors in the background of the webpage and can't upload any files

Hello all i was having a problem with uploads that includes teachers with lessons plans / message wall no where on the site would it let us upload files so i thought the problem was in .htaccess so i tried to edit it with no luck so i put back the .htaccess to the default text that was in there but after i am not getting loads of errors on the front end of the site i am hosting the site in-house so i went into my WHM / Cpanel and restarted my HTTP Server Apache and PHP-FPM service for Apache with not luck can you please help with the two problems our site satreetvibes.academy 1the first issue that i was trying to fix ( can’t upload any files to the site ) and the 2ed problem i made somehow is the error text in the background of the site inclose i have photos of the error logs and the front page error.

Hi Sandra thanks for getting back to me i will have a closer look at the Modules folder to make sure the names are correct and let you know how i get on, as for the wall massages we can now upload jpeg ect to the wall but we need to make make the massage first save it then go back in edit and upload the file.
It won’t do it all in one go so we have a two step process but it works.
i have also noticed in the Manage Behaviour Records, after making one when we go back in to edit and add text into the Follow Up part we are getting (( Your request failed because your inputs were invalid. )) not sure if this is part of the same problem or this is a new problem?.

Hi all i am not sure what happen but the errors are gone like magic i was messing around with Apache in Cpanel and now its gone not sure what i did ? to stop the errors but great stuff. uploading files are working as well not sure if the two where linked the only thing now is wall massage i have to make the massage save then go back into it to upload pdf/ jpeg / ect won’t do it in one go but at least its working

Hi Orlando, glad to hear you got it working. From the error log it looks like a lot of the file includes were failing, which can often happen if the file permissions aren’t set to server readable. File uploads can also fail without the uploads folder having sufficient permissions, so perhaps that’s one of the things you changed that fixed everything? :smiley:

Also noticed some of the module names may not be correct in the Modules folder. Generally they should match the name of the module, so the Help Desk module’s folder name would be Help Desk, and Data Admin, etc. GitHub does tend to give things different folder names after downloading, so often you’ll find the module folder nested inside the first folder after extracting it.

If the wall messages are still not working as expected, are you able to post some steps to reproduce? It’ll help us narrow down if it’s related to server configuration or a potential code bug.


Hi Orlando,

When you make the wall message and try to add an image/file the first time, does it give you an error message? Are you able to check the logs right after trying to upload the file? Same for the behavior record. These errors are sounding somewhat related to each-other, and linked to the tinymce/file upload in some way, but it’s hard to tell without more logs.