Login Screen Forgot Password? Error

Hello i am having problems with the Forgot Password? on the landing page had a few staff trying to reset there password and getting an error in a red box (( Failed to send update email )).
not sure what the problem is this is the first time staff started using the password reset function on the front page so i am not sure if it was ever working to start any help would go a long way :slight_smile: thanks.

Orlando, good question. It could be an isolated issue with this script, or it could effect all outgoing mail in Gibbon. Can you please login and go to Other > Messenger. Are you able to send out an email message from here, or are you getting the same error?

By default in v13 (and as the only option prior to that), Gibbon sends out using the local mail transfer agent (MTA) on your server. In v13 and beyond you can override this under Admin > System Admin > Third Part Settings, by setting to use an authenticated internal or external SMTP provider. Your email provider, if that is not you (e.g. you using Google, etc) should be able to offer you config details to fill in here.

Hope this helps.


in my case, emails are sent fine from within the system but on forgotten password mail send , the reset email seems to be not working. it gives the following response:
“Password reset request successfully initiated, please check your email.” but nothing comes to the e-mail.
from the messanger the emails can be sent normally.

Server logs show success pass success.

Gibbon System Admin >> show logs …show no records for resetting the password.

what are your idea about this issue?

Hmmm, this is interesting. Is there any chance the messages are going to spam?