Login logs

How/where can I view:

Login logs
Currently logged in users
Users logged-in in the last X minutes
Successful login attempts
Failed login attempts

Hi Tieku,

The logs can be found in System Admin > View Logs. If you’d like to query the logs for specific things, like failed logins or currently logged in, you’d likely need to write a query.

Just to add to this, there are some basics filter options in View Logs, but Sandra is right, that your questions will mostly require queries. Thanks!

I wonder how I could query info on “currently logged” in. Any hints?

I wonder how I could query info on "currently logged" in. Any hints?
Just whipped this up now, but it takes the Session Duration and finds all users who've logged in within that time, seeing as the system doesn't appear to log when users are logged out this may be the closest you could get. SELECT *, gibbonsetting.value FROM `gibbonLog` JOIN gibbonsetting on (gibbonsetting.gibbonsettingID=00145) WHERE title="Login - Success" AND TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND, timestamp, NOW()) <= gibbonsetting.value`