logging in to Moodle


I’m trying to pull user information from Gibbon to authenticate with Moodle.

I have configured the plugins for authentication and enrolment as directed and the test database page is successful but when I try to use a Gibbon login (which works with Gibbon) I get a message saying Incorrect login.

The database information is definitely correct. This is driving me nuts as we really want to use Moodle, but if we can not make it work with an SIS we will have to use an alternative.

Hello, I haven’t worked with this particular setup, but looking at your settings, I see that the “Password field” setting is blank, which could be a source of the issue. The password field in Gibbon is called passwordStrong, perhaps this might help.

Answered in the moodle.org forums - https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=433680#p1745092

Basically, in Moodle, you need to go to Site Admin > Server > Scheduled Tasks and enable the “Synchronise users task” and “Synchronise external database enrolments task”, both of which are disabled by default.

Moodle will then sync users and send an email to new users with a temporary password, and sync courses and enrolments.

@ross - Password field is blank as the password doesn’t sync from Gibbon to Moodle - the plugin creates a user in Moodle using the Gibbon username, but Moodle issues a separate password. It would be good to have the password synced (or just read from Gibbon) though, especially if users are logging into both systems.