Localhost (local IP) changed and now having a Gibbon database error


We’ve recently changed some IT infrastructure at my school and the server that Gibbonedu is on has changed its local ip from to I’ve edited the httpd conf server name to update to the new IP, as well as the config.php in gibbon. When I try to access gibbon I get the

Something has gone wrong: the Gibbons have escaped!

A database connection could not be established. Please try again."

Error. As far as I can tell the database is working and xampp is properly configured. The only thing that changed was the static local IP (I’ve already made the changes in windows settings).

Any advice to what I’ve overlooked would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

So I did find some configurations issues with the database login user’s host address and updated it via myphpadmin. Now the login page is loading after a long time but the images etc., in the page generated are still pointing to the old local IP and thus I still cannot login. If someone can kindly point me to where the configuration file/option is to change that it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Update: I’ve also changed the gibbonsetting table’s absolute url to reflect the updated ip address, but I am still getting errors showing that the page gibbon is generating is linking pictures and some other links to the old local ip.

Solved! After checking php settings, config files and the new gateway/network settings… I found my problem was basically solved by an ipconfig /flushdns as the browser I was using to access gibbon for some reason wasn’t resolving the page but trying to use a semi-cached version! /facepalm

Thanks anyways everyone!

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