Can Gibbon Edu be used as a learning management system (LMS)?, or, is there a module related with this?, I have been reading info about the “Free Learning” Module, but Imn not sure if this applies.

Adolfo, long time no see! Through the Planner module (which is part of Gibbon’s Core functionality), using both the Unit and Lesson components, it is possible to provide some of the features you would expect in an LMS, such as the ability to share and organise content, discussions, task submission, etc. The approach is quite different to Moodle or Blackboard, however, as it is structured around lessons not courses. One day someone might contribute a more traditionally LMS module to the ecosystem, but this is not an area of focus for the team at the moment.

Thanks Ross, look at your email please, bye !!

Since the Canvas is become very popular LMS software, will you consider to develop Canvas integration module?

Hi tlee, we did the Moodle module as a proof of concept to show others how integration might look, but at the moment we have no further plans to integrate with other LMS systems. That said, it should not be a huge job (maybe 10 hours) for a programmer to take the Moodle module and make it work with Canvas, assuming that Canvas has some similar integration tools to Moodle. I wonder if there is anyone in the community interested in sponsoring such work? Thanks, Ross.

I might be interested in sponsoring Canvas integration!

@fvlasie that is very generous. I wonder if it is worth gathering some requirements, and then posting a bounty on a programmer-for-hire site to see where that leads?

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

Perhaps you could open up a doc of some kind and invite people to contribute ideas?

Alright. But I need a few days to get it all together. Patience! :smile: