LMS - Book-based Classess

After quite a bit of research to find software that will fit my requirements, I came across Gibbon and felt it looks like a good fit. I am playing around with it but not too sure on how to set up my system. I hope someone can help give me push following the description below. Thanks!

  1. Students
    a. A student attends class, circles and talks.
    b. Each student has a teacher under whom he studies specific books, sequentially.
    c. A student may attend more than one class.
    d. He may also study other books on his own, though this is also part of the report.
  2. The Class:
    a. Composed of no more than 5 students, unless there exists extenuating circumstances.
    b. A class is about the book’s subject and finishing it. The class then proceeds to the next book in line.
    c. A particular book (subject) may be taught in different classes with different teachers and schedules
    d. Each class consists of 2-hour weekly sessions.
    e. The objective of the class is for the student to achieve clear understanding of the content, no term limits are set.
  3. Teacher responsibility
    a. Handles classes and reports monthly on it
    b. Can teach several classes or books
  4. The teacher records progress:
    a. Chapter, page progress
    b. Attendance
    c. Punctuality
    d. Comprehension

Hi, Welcome to our community. Is there a particular place you are stuck I help you from there?

Hi jmsperu,
Yes, I am hoping to get some guidance based on the requirement I have listed above. I want to set up a system where the classes are based on studying a single book per class. A pointer on where to start and some tips will be most appreciated.

Talgans, I am on the road with limited tech for another 8 days, but will reply on return to action. Sorry! Ross.

Hi Ross,
I will hold on. Thanks!

OK, your requirements are very specific. If you look under Admin > Timetable Admin in the main menu, you can go to Manage Courses & Classes in the module menu. Here you can set up the various courses and classes that you need, and then under Course Enrolment by Class you can assign students and teachers to classes.

In terms of the content structure you are looking for, you could do aspects of this with the Planner (under Learn in the main menu), but you might be better off considering the Free Learning pedagogy, which Gibbon supports with an additional module.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Thanks Ross!