Little bug when accepting a 'Personal Data Update' with a 'Custom Field'

Hi folks,

I had a closer look at ‘Personal Data Updates’ and found a little bug.

If I tick the checkbox of a custom field and submit, it goes through nicely. Since the form shows again I can click submit again and the checkbox of the custom field reappears.

The user can do this repeatedly and the checkbox will show/hide.

It’s kind of funny. Can you reproduce this?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

Thanks for catching this bug. In this case, it looks like submitting the form multiple times had the potential to erase the custom field data for a user that was not included in the update, so well caught! I’ve applied a fix in the v18 branch, which you can see here, feel free to apply it back to your codebase:


Hi Sandra,

Fix works like a charm! Thanks so much!

Kind regards,