List of students enrolled on the teacher's class

Good day. How can a teacher view the list of students who are enrolled in the teacher’s class? The students were enrolled thru “Students”>“Student Enrolment”, and then enrolled in their classes thru “Timetable Admin”>“Course Enrolment by Class”. The students and the class teacher are in the “Current Participants” of the class.

On the teacher’s home page the class will be listed under “My Classes”. Beside the class name is an icon for “Participants” with the heading “People”. But when the class or the participants icon is clicked, it displays the message “there are no records to display.”

Hello, Richard! Could you please share some screenshots of what you are seeing and doing to get this outcome? I suspect that you are having issues with the distinction between Courses and Classes, but I’m not exactly sure how. You could also take a look at Manage Courses and Classes.

Hi Richard, another option might be that students have yet to meet their start date, or are Expected rather than Full, and so are not visible in the attendance view. Are the students visible when you go to People > Students? Thanks, Ross.

Thanks hmerrett and Ross for your replies. My sample data is school year 2019-2020 and so I recreated it to school year 2021-2022 but the behavior is the same. I was looking if it’s possible for a teacher to view a list of students that are enrolled in that teacher’s class, something like the “Current Participants” of Admin>“Timetable Admin”>“Course Enrolment by Class”, excluding the teacher:

The teacher’s screen correctly displays the class

When I click the Participants icon it displays that there are no records to display. It looks to me that this will display the students that are enrolled under this class. If this screen is for a different purpose, where can a teacher view a list of students that are enrolled in that teacher’s class?

This is school year:

This is the term:

The students are visible in People>Students

Because the system will primarily be used for keeping track of grades, I’ve disabled modules Activities, Attendance, Crowd Assessment, Formal Assessment, Individual Needs, Library, Markbook, Planner, Rubrics, and Tracking. Should I activate any of these modules to enable the teacher to view the students enrolled in that teacher’s class?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Richard, it sounds like you’ve done the right things here. It might be easiest if you can share an admin login with, so that we can log in to take a look. Does that sound doable? Cheers, Ross.

Thanks Ross for the offer. The test server is currently not available for outside access. But I can send the backups of database, Gibbon folder, and the cache folder. These three files have a total size of around 250MB. Will this be ok with you?

Hi Richard, is is possible that you’ve turned off the Student Profile permissions for these users in the Students module? These would be in User Admin > Manage Preferences. The participants pages ensure that users have basic access to view a student’s profile, otherwise they are determined to not have permission in the system to see the student’s name or view their picture. This can be setup intentionally, when some users are able to see the teachers in a class but not the students. The default is generally that all students and staff can see basic student profiles, as these contain just the name, email address, form group and photo of the student.

Thanks Sandra for the reply. Yes the setup was for students to see the teachers but not other students. The “View Student Profile_brief” has no check mark, and the “View Student Profile_full” has check mark for Admin and Teacher. I tried adding check mark for “View Student Profile_brief” to Teacher but it has the same behavior.

Hi Ross, instead of giving external access, will it be ok to paste here the screenshots of “User Admin”>“Manage Permissions”?

Yes, you can share the Manage Permissions screenshot. That should help us figure out what’s going on.

Thanks hmerrett. Below are the screenshots of permissions under section “Students”. Please let me know what other sections are also needed for screenshots. Thank you

Hi Richard, I’ve had a closer look at the code as well as your screenshots. Normally, on a Department page that you’ve shared, there would be a number of icons that lead to other parts of the system (Attendance, Markbook, Planner, etc). It looks like, because all of these areas of the system are turned off, there is a section of code that is seeing the lack of access to these areas and not displaying the participant list.

I’ve updated the code for v23, our development version. You can see the changes in the following commit and apply them to your system (there are only 2 lines changed in modules/Departments/department_course_class.php, removing the if statement on line 167. Give a shout with any questions.

Thank you sandra! The participants are now listed :slight_smile:

Great to hear. Looks like we can go one step further, and not display the menu grid when these modules are turned off, so that you don’t see the “No records” message on every page: Always fun to find and refine these edge cases :sweat_smile:

Thank you again sandra! The blank section is no longer displaying :slight_smile:

Love those alliterative dummy names!

Hi sandra would it be ok to revert the last change? It removed the empty section but it also removed the Title and Description. Having the empty section show up is ok with me :slight_smile:

This is screenshot of before:

This is screenshot of after: