List of students by homeroom?

Hi! First post–just want to say how grateful we are for all the work that has gone into Gibbon. For many years, we have needed an SIS to pair with Moodle, and this is the closest I’ve seen! Congratulations to this community on its fine achievement!

Question…how do I print a list of all students by grade? Or a list of students in all homerooms, by homeroom?

Also, how do you add medical conditions?

I’ll try my best to help with medical conditions. Please note, I am not affiliated with Gibbon in any official way; rather, I just want to help as it is such a great system and the developers put a lot of work in. To add a medical condition, I believe the way to do so is to go to the People tab then select Data Updater. Then, on the side bar, there is an Update Medical Data option. You then select the student, enter the details and have the update approved.

Also, in order to print a list of students by homeroom, you can go to People then Students and on the sidebar, there is a Students by Role Group option under Reports tab. You can choose whether to include a specific roll group or all of them. When the report is generated, there will then be an option to print.

Hello folks, thanks for all the positive words, and the supportive spirit…that’s what makes Gibbon special : ) You can add medical conditions in the way that trains5390 says, but you can also go People > Students > Manage Medical Forms, which is a little more direct (Data Updates require approval by an admin…). Thanks! Ross.

:smile: This was actually the method I was looking for this morning to answer this question as when I was adding medical information on my install I was sure I didn’t use the data updater feature. Thanks and I’m sorry I couldn’t remember this.