Limits on number of students and other records

I am looking at installing Gibbon for an NGO which focuses on intervention work for students in 100’s of schools. Currently, they have 500 schools each with may be up to 50 students. So, I am wondering if there are potential limits on number students in the Gibbon installation. Should I be aware of any other limits on no of records, etc.


This sounds like a big rollout! Gibbon stores each user in a table called gibbonPerson, which has a unique ID field called gibbonPersonID. This takes the form of INT(10), meaning that it is a ten digital integer, and so you can have up to 99,999,999 users in the system. How close you could get to this would depend on your server setup, and how many of those users were concurrently on the system.

It sounds like the number of students you have in mind is within what Gibbon can handle.



Glad to know that about the 10 digit id. This is similar to current phone numbers! I don’t see we reaching this limit.
Thanks for the definitive answer.