Libya's info in Gibbon

Hello team, we have been diving deep into gibbon, as we have completed one year of using it in a local community school in Libya.

I hope you can help me fix those issues:
1- Libyan country code 00218, is not available on the list of phone numbers.
2- The country’s name is “Libyan Arab Jamahirya” which is an old name linked to politics, it would be better if it can be changed to just “Libya”, I already did that on the Arabic translation.
3- one of the spoken languages in Libya and most of the north African countries is “Tamazight” it is not on Gibbon’s list of spoken langauges, and we wish it can be added.
4- The currency symbol for Libya “LYD - د.ل” is not on the list of currencies, we wish it can be added, “i manged to this manually editing some php files in gibbon”.

Best regards.

Hi Aziz,

Great to hear you’ve been using Gibbon successfully for a year in your local area :smiley: Thank you for your pull request, I’ve merged it into v23. I’ve also updated the country and phone code information for Libya, as well as added the language, which you can find here: These are part of v23, but you can safely apply the same changes to your system.

Hi Sandra, thank you very much for the reply, i have ran the code on the database and it went smooth, but how can i provide the translation for the new words as they are not showing on my screen, are they going to show up once v23 is released.

forgive my ignorance as it is my first time working with github, for the time being i will use string replacement to do the job.