Hi Ross,
Just going through Library module. Its really a good module. I understand that it can keep the books(or any other item) inventory, and also keeps the track of borrower details, borrow date and return date. Just curious to know, if we have messaging system available for this, like sending a mail and sms to user if he has borrows a book, or may be user has to return a book in 2 days or 1 days and so on? Thought it might be helpful as a reminder for borrower.

Also facing problem with duplicate action in Manage Catlog menu. After duplicating, it doesn’t allow the lending action for copied book. Got the error message of “This item is now 16424.7708333 days overdue.” Not sure what I am missing here.

Rakesh, thanks for the feedback on the email reminders for library. I have made a note to build this in as a cronable CLI script in v10. Features are now fixed for v9.

For your duplicate problem, are the items to be duplicated on loan already? If you can confirm this, I think I need to set sensible default borrowable/status values on duplicate, rather than using the ones from the copied item. Let me know, and I will try and squeeze this fix into v9. Thanks!

Thank you very much Ross for including email reminder in v10.
On duplicate issue, you are correct Ross. I tried to duplicate item, which was already on Loan status. While duplicating entry, it shows the status as Available, but as soon as we Submit the record, it goes to On Loan status, and gives the mentioned error.
However, works fine if I duplicate from Available books.

Rakesh, thanks for clarifying. I have located the bug, and fixed it. The new code has been committed to the v9 code base on Github, and will be released as part of v9.0.00 some time in Q1 2015 (looking like late January or early February right now).

Thank you so much Ross.