Library Settings

Greetings, Gibbon!

I can’t find this right now, so please set me straight if I’m just missing something. I would love the ability to edit the types of library offerings (we are looking to use Gibbon for a music department inventory) in the same way one can edit FacilityTypes in the School Admin–>Facility Settings menu. Is that already possible? Could it be added sometime in the future?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Kevin, I can see where this would be useful for some schools, especially as you say, those with specialized equipment like a music department.

At this time there isn’t an interface for adding these, and doing so would be a bit involved as the custom types of fields would need to be defined. We can add it to our list, but in all honesty with many other refactoring priorities currently ongoing, it wouldn’t be a high priority. We’d certainly welcome contributions if a developer wished to add this type of change to the core.

For now, there is a workaround if you have access to your database. You can go into the gibbonLibraryType table and duplicate one of the existing rows, then manually edit the “fields” selection, being careful to keep the json syntax intact. Hope this helps!

That does help–thank you, Sandra! I will keep the database fix in mind and give it a try sometime.

One other issue that just cropped up is the ISBN requirement for print publications. Is there a way to at least make that field optional?

I appreciate you putting this request on your list, but I understand entirely why it is not a high priority. Thanks again!