Library - public catalog and book reviews

I would like to see if the library catalog could be made public - so that the school’s library can be viewed only by anyone (without logging in)

Also - I think a great feature, would be to allow book reviews and ratings to be written for each book by the school students.

@athar1 Nice idea, let’s hear what @admin can say about that

athar1, all of these are great ideas, but sadly outside of our current development capabilities. The team are tied up with improving the codebase (making such improvements easier in future versions), and so there is limited scope for such improvements just now. Down the road though, these would be excellent to add. Thanks!

May I suggest to look at an integration of a tool like koha ILS or evergreen ILS? These are full blown, opensource library solutions. (why invent the wheel again?)

Hi robb_nl, this is a great idea, and is the kind of integration we’d love to see as an additional module, should someone wish to build it. In terms of the Gibbon core, my feeling is that we ought to leave what we have in tact, as it is integrated into the facility booking system, and does general inventory management (so you can manage IT loans, etc). What it losses in terms of full blown library functionality, I feel it gains in other ways. Cheers, Ross.