Library Import Dry run errors

Ok so i looked at forums and back to videos…and I have used the export columns given. But I have had it… it is probably so super simple for tech people… but my brain is done. I keep getting these errors. SOrry if it is not suppose to be a new topic. But yeah had enough trying to figure this one

Thanks guys

Hi MissBee, welcome to the Gibbon community.

No problem, happy to help, as Gibbon isn’t just for tech people :smile: It looks like the importer can’t find matching spaces or departments for the values you’ve provided. For example, spaces/facilities can be managed in School Admin > Manage Facilities, the name in your spreadsheet should match the name of a facility in this list. Similar for departments, these can be managed in School Admin > Manage Departments, and in this case it’s looking for the value in your spreadsheet to match the Short Name of the department (most of the importers use short names if they’re available, for brevity).

Hope this helps you decode these error messages and import your data.

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Thank you Sandra I appreciate your reply. I felt so overwhelmed and these 2 minor things and my brain just couldn’t cope. Was a bit of a day.