Lesson Plan approval/feedback workflow

Hello all,

At my school, teachers design plans (unit and lesson plans) and then share it with Team Leaders for their review/feedback and approval. Since all our documentation is on GSuite, sharing, commenting and editing is fairly is easy. What would be a similar workflow in Gibbon for achieving the same?

Hi Mohit,

It’s hard to quite match the collaboration tools that Google has (they’re a massive company!), at our school GSuite is still very much part of the document sharing/feedback process too. Workflow wise, what lesson plans in Gibbon are able to bridge is the direct link to courses, classes, students in those classes, markbooks, attendance, etc. What the end-workflow looks like may be unique to each school though, but perhaps one place to start would be linking the Google docs/etc into the lesson plans rather than copy/pasting the whole thing, and building up from there?

There’s some great info about lesson planner/unit planner features and Smart Blocks in the docs: https://docs.gibbonedu.org/teachers/learn/planner/

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandra.
Let me explore the platform a bit more. I am playing around a bit. Will add a few of my teachers and see how things work out.


So here’s what I am trying to do to achieve the above within Gibbon and what problem I am facing.
One way to provide feedback on the lesson/unit plan by other teachers is to use the chat function. But as far I figured to be able to leave a “chat” or “like” on a lesson plan, I need to either a teacher or an assistant teacher in the same course. The problem with that is that a team leader may not be co-teaching but may just want to provide comments. If now I add them as a teacher, it shows up on their timetable and their whole system as their course. Is their a way to enable chat without adding someone as a teacher to that course?