Left Teacher still shows up in gradebook.

I have removed a staff member from a class as a Teacher. I have also changed the staus to Left.

However, when I go to the gradebook, the teacher’s name still shows up under Class taught by…

Hi Tieku, thanks for catching this, certainly a bug. I’ve fixed it in v25 which you can see and apply to your own codebase here: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/bb99d495710c5bbbf6b538ddfbf4c1a20bbdba10


Thanks Sandra. Now shouldn’t it be sufficient just to remove the person from class as a teacher for the name to disappear from the Class taught by list?

Do you also need to change status to Left?


Hi Tieku, this change catches both possible cases, a teacher leaving the school and being set to left, as well as a teacher class enrolment being either removed or set to Teacher - Left. You’d only need to use one of these for it to have an effect, whichever makes sense on the whole.

Hi Sandra,

So if either condition is met, the teacher drops off the list? That’s what I expected. Thanks